Wednesday, August 26, 2009

120 MPH

Ok, so birthdays are a big to do around the Meharg house and we normally take a trip. Last year we went to Vegas for my birthday and this year we went to Mexico for a pre-birthday celebrations for Blake. Well, this year we decided to stay in town for my 21st (actually 28th, but I'll stay at 21).
Blake generally lets me decided on the plans and he either agrees and or disagrees and still goes along with whatever I plan (that's how marriages are supposed to work: women gt what they want and the men stay happy). So, I asked about skydiving. Yep, skydiving!!! Surprisingly Blake is kind of pumped about it. Well, it was planned a couple of weeks in advance and as the jump got closer and closer, Blake got more and more nervous. Yeah, Blake got nervous, NOT LJ. So anyway, on Saturday August 22, Blake and I wake up super early and head to Cedartown to jump from a perfectly good airplane and plummet to the earth at 120 mph:

Enjoy the pics:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh the people we meet.....

Wow, a lot has gone on the last few weeks. More than a few hearts can handle. We found out a few days ago that two of our closets friends are moving away for a couple of years. You never know how much friends mean to you until they leave. Well, I say friends loosely b/c Jess and Gamayu are more like family to us. Jess, our little wedding dance to be might have to be put on hold for a few years, but don't you worry---it will happen. These last couple of days have been an emotional roller coaster for a few of us. All though we are super excited for you two, we will miss you terribly. We are super pumped about coming to visit and learning about your new life, but there are several things that Blake and I will miss.....
We will miss our late night phone calls, our mario kart games, our wedding dances, our holidays together and most of all-- Just spending time with the two of you. Who knew that what four friends would mean to each other, It makes you think now of how much you appreciate every waking minute you get to spend with some one: be it a husband, wife, mother, father or a best friend or two. Well, Jess and Gamayu- Blake and I will miss you two more than your hearts can ever imagine.
Just to rehash, here are a couple pr pics for you two: well, up above ;)
Don't worry Jess...I have a ton to post of the two of us!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer 09

Wow- how this been a busy summer or what?  Seriously, we have had more vacations this summer alone, and some pretty nice ones at that!  We have been to Mexico, the Bahamas, SSI and are headed back to Mexico soon.  Blake and I love chillin and relaxing out by the pool or the beach.
We spent a quiet weekend in Vidalia this past weekend, and honestly, it was just as fun as being in Mexico.  We had some good food, music, friends and of course.....Kerrigans!!!  
For those who have never been to V-town, Kerrigans is a one stop shop.  You pay your cover to go in, they search your bags and hats and the wand you down.  You might think you were in the big ATL, but you're not.  Anyway way, I will post some pictures soon for your enjoyment.
Just wanted to give my mom a big shout out for hosting some crazy people this weekend and to say THANK YOU for some good eatin..... LOVE  YOU MOM!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's Get Started

Let's see....I decided to start a blog spot because Blake and I are ALWAYS into something. The two of us stay super busy in this thing called Life and thought it would be cool to keep track up what we do.

This weekend is an exciting weekend of hiking, biking, movies and fun with friends. Ok, let's be honest; I'll be the one hiking and biking as Blake once told me that "God didn't intend for him to do cardio." Personally, I think that is just a cop out, but if I had his metabolism; I might not either. So, my coworker and I are going to hike Stone Mountain tomorrow while Blake is making some money for the family (working) and then we are off to the Drive In to see "The Hangover." We are super pumped about the drive in for a couple of reasons 1) we have never been to one and 2) it is a lot cheaper than a theatre and 3) we will be able to hang out with friends and watch a movie. Sunday will be a day of relaxation for Blake while I am off for a 10-12 mile bike ride with a group that meets in Little Five. (Kind of nervous, but excited at the same time.) Then we are off to the grocery store for some fine grilling.

That pretty much sums up our plans for the weekend. We hope every one has a fun filled weekend and remember to drink lots and lots of water---going to be a scorcher!