Wednesday, August 26, 2009

120 MPH

Ok, so birthdays are a big to do around the Meharg house and we normally take a trip. Last year we went to Vegas for my birthday and this year we went to Mexico for a pre-birthday celebrations for Blake. Well, this year we decided to stay in town for my 21st (actually 28th, but I'll stay at 21).
Blake generally lets me decided on the plans and he either agrees and or disagrees and still goes along with whatever I plan (that's how marriages are supposed to work: women gt what they want and the men stay happy). So, I asked about skydiving. Yep, skydiving!!! Surprisingly Blake is kind of pumped about it. Well, it was planned a couple of weeks in advance and as the jump got closer and closer, Blake got more and more nervous. Yeah, Blake got nervous, NOT LJ. So anyway, on Saturday August 22, Blake and I wake up super early and head to Cedartown to jump from a perfectly good airplane and plummet to the earth at 120 mph:

Enjoy the pics:


Ed and Melissa said...

I love it! Would you all ever do it again?

Mommy Minutes said...

It looks like you two had a lot of fun!